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Regular readers of my blog will want to know who I am, and this is the place to tell them.

I'm Gene and I'm going to use this Blog to tell you about the restoration I'm starting on a 1950 Packard Deluxe 8 Touring Sedan. I'll be 61 in January of 2011 and teach Sociology at a university in Tennessee. I love working with my hands and working on old cars, trucks, and tractors, and just generally building things. The first thing I've got to do is to build a shop in the barn so I can stay warn this winter. I can't afford to heat the whole place and the shop will give me a loft area above it to store the car parts as I remove them and prepare them for restoration. My health is not that great with diabetes and heart trouble as just two of my ailments but I'm building the shop entirely by myself and will provide pictures and a full DIY for those that are interested. Those of us that are older can still pretty much do what we want to although we might be a little slower and have to work smarter rather than stronger than the younger folks. Well, anyway, lets go on an adventure together, Gene

About this blog

Here I'll describe why I started this blog and describe the topics I'm primarily interested in covering in it.


This is similar to what my 1950 Packard Super 8 Touring Sedan will look like when it is finished in about seven years.

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